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The Posters 1967-1979

AFFISCHERNA 1967-1979 (The posters 1967-1979) is an Internet exhibition displaying Swedish alternative poster art from 1967 to 1979, an important part of our 20th century cultural history. I collaborated with Lasse Pettersson during the spring and summer of 2007, and by October 14th the exhibition premiered on the Internet. Since then, over 300 000 registered visitors from as many as 110 different countries have viewed the exhibition. (jan 2023)

I started collecting posters in the early 70’s when I was a drummer in the band Solen Skiner (The sun is shining). On our tours around Sweden I saved each and every poster announcing our concerts, and soon I began collecting other posters that I found appealing. In preparation of this exhibit I wanted to expand the circa 100 posters I had collected so far. I contacted old friends, musicians and artists in the quest for more original posters from the alternative music movement, the political movement, the environmental-, women’s lib- and the FNL-movements, and more. My goal was to present a broader picture of what happened within poster art during this time, a period characterized by playfulness, humour, impudence and commitment.

Many of the posters are directed against the imperialism and commersialism of the West. Several others deal with solidarity and the spirit of community. Some only display information about coming music festivals or demonstrations, a kind of SMS or Facebook message of the times.

AFFISCHERNA 1967-1979 is a non-profit project with the purpose to inform and inspire. My ambition is also to expand the collection and show it “live” all over Scandinavia. If you have any ideas on how to spread the exhibition, please contact me on info@affischerna.se

It is possible to give your comments to each poster. How do you view them today? Do you have memories from this period in time? Please share your stories by sending me an email.

The collecting continues. Do you have your own original posters and don’t know what to do with them? Please let me know and we’ will find a way to preserve them.

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/Håkan Agnsäter

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